Monday, 13 May 2013

6 week goal? Too ambitious?

Since my last exam is tomorrow, I'm going to stop feeling sorry for myself & eating whatever I want. I've read a lot about the scarsdale diet & have heard good things online & from a friend I know that has lost a lot of weight through this programme.

It's basically 2 weeks of low carb/calories & high protein. Then there's a 2 week "keep trim" menu that has less restrictions & helps you keep the weight off. My plan is to do 2 weeks scarsdale, 2 weeks keep trim then another 2 weeks of scarsdale.

My chalk board in the kitchen to keep me motivated & to remind me what to buy!


My current weight is 140lbs & I'm 5'4, not fat by any means but I'm wanting to lose 30-40 pounds over the 6 weeks. During the Scarsdale diet you are estimated to lose around a pound a day & many people who have used the two-week on, two-week off system (alternating between scarsdale & keep trim) have also noticed weight coming off during the keep trim fortnight.

The diet looks quite restricting but I'm more of a quick fix sort of girl & don't think I would manage to keep up a slower paced diet if I'm not seeing instant results. My only worries are being hungry, I'm used to eating ALOT! But tips from previous users of the scarsdale diet have suggested that preparing your meals in advance and keeping organised is the best way to keep at it.

Tomorrow's lunch and dinner prepared (mostly). Fruit salad for lunch and salad for dinner (to be accompanied by a low fat grilled burger)

I'm going to accompany this diet with Shaun T's hip hop abs which I've started once before. (It was really fun & I feel silly for quitting!!!) The Scarsdale book recommends that you walk 2 miles a day but I don't have time for that so a 40 minute work out with Shaun T will do me nicely!

I'm going to use this blog to help me track progress & please let me know what you think of this diet!!!

Would you try it? Is it too ambitious? What are your experiences with diet//weight loss/working out?


Tuesday, 7 May 2013


It's so hard saving money when there's constantly lovely clothes coming out. Here's a few of my favourites that I've been desperate to buy but can't bring myself to spend the money... Even though I'll probably end up buying them soon!!

Topshop Copper Slinky Cage Bikini £32 here. I love the colour & design of this bikini. I'm really drawn to the high waisted bottoms. I haven't been doing many... or any sit ups recently so it would hide my stomach. I'm definitely going to keep this is mind as I'm going on holiday in July.

Missguided premium embellished crop top £54.99 here and premium embellished shorts £44.99 here. I am actually in love with this outfit. Perfect white for summer & gorgeous detail. However, I think £100 for the two is a little steep for me at the moment so I'm going to hunt for alternatives as this is such a perfect look.

Office Isometric sandal £40 here. I can't think of a summer outfit these wouldn't go with! I love the straps, they're on trend & they're really comfy. I'm a big fan of monochrome styling and feel like these could be the essential to a summer wardrobe.

Too Faced tinted beauty balm £27.50 here. I am desperate to try this! I've read a few good reviews on this. I am so scared to ditch foundation for something a bit more subtle but I know it would be beneficial to give my skin a rest. I'm definitely going to go to Debenham's or Boot's to try this out!

What are you wishing for just now? & if you have any of these/like these, let me know! :)

First sunny day of the summer! OOTD

So happy that the sun is finally shining on Glasgow! (Even though the forecast for the next week is rain!) I decided to take advantage of this weather & have a walk to the park. I wore:

  • H&M cut off jeans £19.99 They are the perfect leg length for me because of my wee legs & they are much cheaper than Topshop petite! It's a good idea for saving money for us shorter girls!
  • Primark lace shirt with cut out back detail. £5 (In sale)
  • Ted Baker sandals £40
  • Michael Kors Hamilton tote bag £285
  • Rayban sunglasses £145

How has everyone been spending their sunny day!? xo

Monday, 6 May 2013

Exam time thrifting!

Getting stressed because my exams start on Thursday...

So instead of cramming in some extra studying, I go shopping! I feel quite guilty but I got some bargains. I live on a street with at least 5 charity shops so I'm always having a look about to see what I can get. Today I got a missguided dress & a pastel coloured vintage vest.

This was £7.50 from Cancer Research & I'm dying to wear this! I love white dresses with black blazers so I can't wait to make this into an outfit.

I bought this for £1 from Marie Curie. Loved the colours of this vest as soon as I set eyes on it. I'm going to pair it with high waisted denim shorts & gold chains.

Living so close to all these charity shops I often find really nice pieces! These are a few of my favourites that I've bought recently!

The shoes are from New Look which I got for £1 from Marie Curie, the bag was also from Marie Curie & was £2.50.  The coca-cola t-shirt was £1 from a local charity & the shorts were £5 from a Barnardo's in the west end.

Do you think thrifting is a good way to save money & get unique pieces? What have been your best buys??? Let me know! xo

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fit for summer?

I know everyone is dying to get a bikini body for the summer holidays, myself included! I've recently discovered that I'm not so bad in the kitchen! I have been creating lots of healthy meals & salads that I hope are going to help me tone up for going on holiday in July. Here's a few dishes I've made.

p.s. everything you see here was really tasty, quick & easy to make!!!

Salmon fillet with salad, onions, mushrooms, cashews & a chili sauce.

Salad with beetroot, avocado & a balsamic glaze

Honey & mustard stuffed mushrooms with salad & garlic croutons

Salmon fillet with a herb dressing & roasted vegetables

Brown toast with honey, strawberries & bananas

I've discovered that healthy eating isn't all that bad! These are some of my favourite healthy options, what are yours!?


I guess it would be fitting if my first post was about shoes??

I work in Office the shoe shop & have developed a serious shoe obsession since I started! I got these beauties for my staff shoes

You can buy them here  for £40, which is quite the bargain considering they're real leather! I love the cut out detail & they are really comfy so I won't mind running up & down stairs to the stockroom in these cuties! White shoes in Spring/Summer have always been an essential in my wardrobe!

A benefit of working in a shoe shop is that I can have a rummage through the stock room to find shoes that have been lost or old sale shoes that aren't on display. I found these boots that were in over winter that were £85 that I had been lusting over but couldn't bring myself to buy (even with my discount!). 

I can't find them anywhere on the website so I'm assuming there aren't any in the warehouses to send out. I got these for £16 and felt quite justified in my winter boot purchase in May as we haven't seen any nice weather this year!

Loving the tan suede & faux snake skin detail. I know these will be a pair of boots that I will wear for ageeeeeeees! Not sure which stores will stock these but you can always try! <3

Fionn xo

Introducing myself!

My name is Fionn, I'm 21, living in Glasgow & studying politics. I'm obsessed with shoes & working in a shoe shop doesn't help! I basically love all things girly & fabulous so I'm setting up a blog to keep my ideas & thoughts about fashion/make-up & whatever else is on my mind!

Fionn xo