Sunday, 5 May 2013

I guess it would be fitting if my first post was about shoes??

I work in Office the shoe shop & have developed a serious shoe obsession since I started! I got these beauties for my staff shoes

You can buy them here  for £40, which is quite the bargain considering they're real leather! I love the cut out detail & they are really comfy so I won't mind running up & down stairs to the stockroom in these cuties! White shoes in Spring/Summer have always been an essential in my wardrobe!

A benefit of working in a shoe shop is that I can have a rummage through the stock room to find shoes that have been lost or old sale shoes that aren't on display. I found these boots that were in over winter that were £85 that I had been lusting over but couldn't bring myself to buy (even with my discount!). 

I can't find them anywhere on the website so I'm assuming there aren't any in the warehouses to send out. I got these for £16 and felt quite justified in my winter boot purchase in May as we haven't seen any nice weather this year!

Loving the tan suede & faux snake skin detail. I know these will be a pair of boots that I will wear for ageeeeeeees! Not sure which stores will stock these but you can always try! <3

Fionn xo


  1. I LOVE those white flats! They're similar to a pair I saw today in Oasis and I was so tempted to buy them! :)
    olivia erica ryan ♡ fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog ♡

    1. Thank you! They're so comfy & summery, love them :)

  2. I love both pairs of these shoes!